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I have put up writing a review for Missing Sync and it's four companion applications for some time as I could not decide if they are good or bad. Should one praise or blame them. Over time my my opinion moved more and more to bad / blame. Bugs are not fixed, Android 3 and 4 support is of cosmetic nature only. Each new release disappoints more.

So here the review, updated the 04.Aug.2012 for Version

Missing Sync

No cloud needed

Missing Sync is for you if you don't want a cloud based sync for your Android. With Missing Sync your contacts and calender entries won't be stored on Google's server. Your files won't be visible to the drop box administrators. It is your desktop system and mobile phone and no middle man. — Almost - for wifi connection the mark and space server are used for exchange of the ip numbers.

Now this part works flawlessly once you locked though the advanced setting and made some adjustments.

One sync to sync it all

Missing Sync syncs almost everything: calender, notes, text messages, contacts, folder (documents, eBooks, any plain old file), music, pictures, video, tasks and bookmarks. So the only other sync you might wish for is a password manager. Mind you: Fliq Notes has encryption so if you only have a few passwords to store you might not even need that.

There are 4 transports available for Sync: Wifi, Bluetooth, USB Tethering and USB Mass Storage. However the new Media Transport Protocol is not supported.

There is a slight handicap here: Not all options work with all protocols and you can't use all protocols with all Android devices.

Now I understand that these is due to technical limitations and there is not much Mark & Space can do about it. What upsets me is that it is not documented and if you choose the wrong combination the sync aborts with an error message. The only way to find out is try and error. I bed some of the one star comments are due to users not being patient enough to find out.

Just in case you are inpatient as well (understandably) here the list:

Wifi, Bluethooth
Should sync everything, however there is a bug in folder sync which means you can not do folder sync wireless.
USB Tethering
Same as Wifi and Bluethooth but only available with Android 2.3.x »Gingerbread«.
USB Mass Storage
Only folder, music, pictures, ring-tones, video. Note that USB Mass Storage is not available on Android 3.x »Honeycomb« and 4.x »Ice-Cream-Sandwich«.

If you look carefully then you will notice that folder sync won't be available on Android 3.x »Honeycomb« until the folder sync bug is fixed. Also if you have a large music collection syncing them wireless is a pain as in the arse.

Hint: Make your initial music sync with USB Mass Storage — if your device supports it.

Delete Music Bug

Reported to Mark/Space 09.Oct.2010 this bug will delete all music from a interrupted sync at the beginning of the next sync. In effect this means a Music sync must run flawlessly in one go. Fat chance that ever happens with WiFi.

Recode Music

One feature which I miss in other solutions is the ability to recode your music collection to a lower bps rate. If you, like me, use iTunes Match and have every song in a fairly high bps rate this can be quite helpful.

Install applications

A feature I only recently discovered is the install application function. This function will install apk files on your device. Pretty helpful if you are not a developer and know adb in and out.

Proximity Sync

Proximity Sync is pretty cool. If you are in WiFi or Bluetooth proximity you will sync automatically once every hour (or whatever you set up in the settings). And with the newest version it works out pretty well. What makes it perfect for me (as compared to previous reviews) is the new set-up which allows me to switch off unnecessary notifications.


You need the four Fliq apps to make the most of it. So I review them here as well.

Fliq Notes

Fliq Notes has recently been updated and has now full tablet support which improved the user interface significantly. It is now a very nice notepad application with two way sync with the desktop. Typing a shopping list on a real keyboard and then just sync it to the phone is a killer feature. Fliq Notes also got encryption so you can store sensible informations as well.

Fliq Calender

Fliq Calender is a Google Calender clone, it's look and feel is identical and same feature set. With just one exception: Google's calender android app only syncs with the Google Calender cloud app. Fliq Calender uses Missing sync to sync to all destinations on your desktop pc. Again that is a killer features.

Mac OS X ME users beware: A calender set up to sync with one of the cloud services (Mobile ME, Google Yahoo) will only do one way sync from desktop to phone.

Fliq Task

A simple task manager, also recently updated to full tablet support which improved the user interface significantly. One can only hope it gets better over time. But it does sync with your calender task.

Fliq Bookmarks

The bookmark manager which comes with the standard Android browser is just too primitive. If you want to handle more then 20 bookmarks it becomes a pain. Fliq Bookmarks promises help here by synchronizing your desktop bookmarks to your phone. Like the other Fliq applications it is a simple, minimum feature application but does do the trick.


I would not buy Missing Sync any more since all my devices are now Android Ice–Cream–Sandwich and updates are coming far to reluctantly. Known bugs are not fixed and newer operating systems are not properly supported. If you are still unsure you might want to have a look at the Missing Sync Forum