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Dragon Age: Origins is now available for Mac OS X as well. If you look underneath the hood you will notice that it is in fact a pre-configured Wine set-up from Transgaming. But that is not to bad. I noticed no performance degenerations and the -enabledeveloperconsole trick will work as well.

Developer Console

Start by Script

Of course you can't call daorigins.exe directly on MacOS - you need to call it indirectly using cider. One ways to activate the Developers console is to call cider with alittle Z-Shell script:


setopt X_Trace;

SetFile -a E "${0}"

pushd "${0:h}/"
   cider -- "c:\Program Files/Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

# vim: set nowrap tabstop=8 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 noexpandtab :
# vim: set textwidth=0 filetype=zsh foldmethod=marker nospell :

Copy the script into the folder where your Bonus Content, DLC Installers and is located. It won't work anywhere else. This starts Dragon Age: Origins without the launcher as well.

Change configuration file

Another way to start the Developers Console is the change the ~/Library/Preferences/Dragon Age Origins Preferences/config file. Just add the following to lines to the end:

 "cmdlineadd" = " -enabledeveloperconsole" 

Note the space before -enabledeveloperconsole.

Available Commandos

Developer Console Commands
 §c§runscript addtalent talent-noAdd talent or spell, where talent-no represents a specific talent or spell (1-?). Note: Some digits may be unusable talents/spells
 runscript addxp numberAdds XP with number being desired experience to be added
 runscript ai abilities 0Perceived enemies can't use special abilities.
 runscript ai offTurns off AI
 runscript ai offturn off the AI
 runscript ai onTurns on AI.
 runscript appearance aperance_noAdds a character appearance modifier X (see below for codes)
 runscript bowlingforfereldenKnocks back enemies and forms a shield around you.
 runscript chargen§ pscreen§§Origin screen (0: Starts the character generation interface, 1: Starts the character level up interface)
 runscript cheaterAdds all achievments to your player profile
 runscript dbg_setattrib attrib valueGives you a 180 sec. buff where attrib is a number from 1 to 6 (1 being str, 2 dex, etc. in order) and value is the amount by which you want the buff
 runscript e3_addpartyAdds Jory and Daveth to party
 runscript healplayerHeals player/party
 runscript injury remallRemoves all injuries from self.
 runscript injury rempartyRemoves all injuries from party.
 runscript killallhostilesKill all hostiles
 runscript levelparty ?resets party level, stats, etc. Adds assorted items to inventory. Removes and destroys all equipped items (unequipped items still may be overwritten)
 runscript pc_immortalInfinite health, you will still get damaged, but you won't die when your health reaches 0.
 runscript removetalent talent-noRemoves the talent, where talent-no represents a specific talent or spell (1-?). Note: Some digits may be unusable talents/spells
 runscript rogueTurns you into a level 2 Rogue
 runscript selectpartyParty select screen
 runscript supercrit playerAdds 1000 health/mana/stamina to your main character.
 runscript warriorTurns you into a Level 2 Warrior
 runscript wizardTurns you into a Level 2 Mage
 runscript zz_add_skills3Adds 3 Skill Points. They are visible after saving and reloading the game.
 runscript zz_addapproval companion_no amountAdd to a companion approval rating
 runscript zz_addpartyAdd player beyond party limit
 runscript zz_addparty NPCnameAdd party member by name
 runscript zz_addpartyNPCname add party member by name
 runscript zz_arl_debugStarts the Arl Eamon Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_camp_debugAllows you to set the plot flag for and start the camp ambush, as well as teleport to the first camp you make.
 runscript zz_char_creationOpens the character creator screen. Warning! This will override your game and you will lose all progress
 runscript zz_cir_debugStarts the Circle of Magi Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_cli_debugJumps you to the climax at redcliffe castle (use at own risk)
 runscript zz_createrunesCreates one of every rune type, as well as the Oathkeeper Sword in the PC's inventory.
 runscript zz_deathblowCauses your character to animate a random finishing blow based on what weapon you have currently equipped. Weapons without a finishing blow will cause
 runscript zz_den_debugStarts the Denerim Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting around Denerim and the Landsmeet
 runscript zz_dlc_debugStarts some Test Script which allows some modifications of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_droppartyRemoves entire party
 runscript zz_economizerUnequips all gear you're wearing.
 runscript zz_epi_debugStarts the Epilogue Debug and allows changing plot states and starting the epilogue immediately.
 runscript zz_eurodemo_endTeleports player and party to Dalish Camp
 runscript zz_getpartyGathers all immediate party members
 runscript zz_givearmorCreates all Dragonbone Legion armor in the PC's inventory.
 runscript zz_jump_aroundTeleports you to random locations on the current map
 runscript zz_lot_debugStarts the Lothering Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_money numberAdds copper with number being desired copper to be added (use 10000 for one gold)
 runscript zz_ntb_debugStarts the Nature of the Beast Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_orz_debugStarts the Paragon of her Kind Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_party_addgiftsAdds the following gifts to inventory: Antivan Leather Boots, Dalish Gloves, Alistair's Mother's Amulet, Duncan's Shield, Andraste's Grace, Cute Nug
 runscript zz_pre_debugStarts the Prelude Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_pre_demo2Teleports player and party to Ostagar
 runscript zz_pre_strategyTeleports player and party to Duncan's fire in Ostagar
 runscript zz_ran_debugStarts the Random Encounters Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_reveal_mapRemoves any ghosting from the map on your map screen
 runscript zz_set_trapAdds traps to inventory
 runscript zz_starmetal_swordAdds both the 1H & 2H Starfang swords into the player's inventory (must have the Warden's Keep DLC)
 runscript zz_supercrit playerGives the plater 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity
 runscript zz_talk_nearestTalk to nearest NPC
 runscript zz_upgradeBrings up the Enchantment Menu
 runscript zz_urn_debugStarts the Urn of Sacred Ashes which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
 runscript zz_wmp_debugStarts the World Map Debug Helper Script which allows altering the main plot states and finish any of the main quests immediately.

Companion numbers

Companion Numbers (for use with certain cheats, enter the number below for the desired character)

Companion Numbers
War Dog

Talent numbers

The following list contains all know Talents and Spells.

Talent Numbers
Ability Monster Arcanehorror Swarm90115
Ability Skill Combat Tactics 1100110
Ability Skill Combat Tactics 2100111
Ability Skill Combat Tactics 3100112
Ability Skill Combat Tactics 4100113
Ability Skill Combat Training 1100100
Ability Skill Combat Training 2100101
Ability Skill Combat Training 3100102
Ability Skill Combat Training 4100103
Ability Skill Dwarven Resistance3080
Ability Skill Herbalism 1100061
Ability Skill Herbalism 2100062
Ability Skill Herbalism 3100063
Ability Skill Herbalism 4100064
Ability Skill Invalid Skill100000
Ability Skill Lockpicking 1100001
Ability Skill Lockpicking 2100002
Ability Skill Lockpicking 3100003
Ability Skill Lockpicking 4100004
Ability Skill Persuade 1100011
Ability Skill Persuade 2100012
Ability Skill Persuade 3100013
Ability Skill Persuade 4100014
Ability Skill Pet Attack100090
Ability Skill Pet Defend100092
Ability Skill Pet Follow100091
Ability Skill Pet Special Ability100093
Ability Skill Poison 1100071
Ability Skill Poison 2100072
Ability Skill Poison 3100073
Ability Skill Poison 4100074
Ability Skill Sense Darkspawn4050
Ability Skill Skill Plot Shapeshift Burning100083
Ability Skill Skill Plot Shapeshift Golem100080
Ability Skill Skill Plot Shapeshift Mouse100081
Ability Skill Skill Plot Shapeshift Spirit100084
Ability Skill Stealing 1100021
Ability Skill Stealing 2100022
Ability Skill Stealing 3100023
Ability Skill Stealing 4100024
Ability Skill Stealth 1100075
Ability Skill Stealth 2100076
Ability Skill Stealth 3100077
Ability Skill Stealth 4100078
Ability Skill Stealthy Attack12009
Ability Skill Survival 1100051
Ability Skill Survival 2100052
Ability Skill Survival 3100053
Ability Skill Survival 4100054
Ability Skill Traps 1100041
Ability Skill Traps 2100042
Ability Skill Traps 3100043
Ability Skill Traps 4100044
Ability Spell Abomination Flame10004
Ability Spell Animate Dead10508
Ability Spell Antimagic Burst11003
Ability Spell Antimagic Ward10900
Ability Spell Arcane Bolt200254
Ability Spell Arcane Horror Attack14005
Ability Spell Arcane Might10208
Ability Spell Arcane Shield200255
Ability Spell Aura Of Might17020
Ability Spell Bear17010
Ability Spell Blizzard13000
Ability Spell Blood Control10703
Ability Spell Blood Magic10700
Ability Spell Blood Sacrifice10701
Ability Spell Blood Wound10702
Ability Spell Branka Aoe90004
Ability Spell Branka Mind Control90005
Ability Spell Branka Rockstrike90003
Ability Spell Chaos Drake Breath14003
Ability Spell Chaos Magic17028
Ability Spell Cleansing Aura10507
Ability Spell Combat Magic17023
Ability Spell Cone Of Cold13002
Ability Spell Crushing Prison11123
Ability Spell Cure10200
Ability Spell Daze11115
Ability Spell Dead Man Walking12005
Ability Spell Death Cloud15003
Ability Spell Death Magic17002
Ability Spell Demon Aura90053
Ability Spell Demon Lift90054
Ability Spell Demon Scatter90052
Ability Spell Divine Restoration10201
Ability Spell Do Not Use11126
Ability Spell Dragon Breath Evil15000
Ability Spell Dragon Breath Fire10005
Ability Spell Drain Life15002
Ability Spell Earthquake11116
Ability Spell Earthrage Iii12002
Ability Spell Earthrage Ii12001
Ability Spell Earthrage Iv12003
Ability Spell Earthrage12000
Ability Spell Elemental Aura10601
Ability Spell Elemental Conduit17000
Ability Spell Fade Shroud17021
Ability Spell Fire Elemental Lash10006
Ability Spell Fireball10003
Ability Spell Firefield10007
Ability Spell Flame Blast10001
Ability Spell Flaming Weapons10204
Ability Spell Flying Swarm17007
Ability Spell Frostwall11007
Ability Spell Gas Explosion10008
Ability Spell Glyph Of Neutralization17028
Ability Spell Glyph Of Paralysis11001
Ability Spell Glyph Of Repulsion17000
Ability Spell Glyph Of Warding10601
Ability Spell Golem Hurl90060
Ability Spell Grease11113
Ability Spell Guardian Glyph11001
Ability Spell Heal10104
Ability Spell Heroic Defense10203
Ability Spell Heroic Offense10206
Ability Spell Heros Armor10202
Ability Spell Hidden Arcane Warrior4012
Ability Spell Hidden Bard4015
Ability Spell Hidden Bloodmage4017
Ability Spell Hidden Shapeshifter4018
Ability Spell Hidden Spirit Healer4025
Ability Spell Hidden Wizard4023
Ability Spell Horror11108
Ability Spell Immobilize11100
Ability Spell Inferno10002
Ability Spell Invalid Spell10000
Ability Spell Lifeward10506
Ability Spell Lightning Weapons10205
Ability Spell Lightning14001
Ability Spell Mage Base Attack11130
Ability Spell Mana Clash11000
Ability Spell Mana Cleanse11004
Ability Spell Mass Corpse Detonation12011
Ability Spell Mass Paralysis11110
Ability Spell Mass Slow11112
Ability Spell Mind Blast12006
Ability Spell Mind Focus10209
Ability Spell Mind Rot11109
Ability Spell Monster Ogre Hurl90061
Ability Spell Monsterbuffer390006
Ability Spell Monsterbuffer490007
Ability Spell Monsterbuffer590008
Ability Spell Nightmare11125
Ability Spell Paralysis Explosion90173
Ability Spell Paralyze11107
Ability Spell Petrify11124
Ability Spell Purify10207
Ability Spell Reanimate10500
Ability Spell Regeneration10210
Ability Spell Revival10504
Ability Spell Root11114
Ability Spell Shapeshifter17009
Ability Spell Shared Fate11101
Ability Spell Shield Party10401
Ability Spell Shimmering Shield17022
Ability Spell Shock14000
Ability Spell Sleep11121
Ability Spell Slow11111
Ability Spell Spell Boost Iii17017
Ability Spell Spell Boost Ii17016
Ability Spell Spell Boost Iv17018
Ability Spell Spell Boost17015
Ability Spell Spell Might17001
Ability Spell Spell Shield10400
Ability Spell Spell Wisp11006
Ability Spell Spellbloom11005
Ability Spell Spider Shape17008
Ability Spell Steam Cloud10009
Ability Spell Stinging Swarm12008
Ability Spell Stonefist12004
Ability Spell Storm Of The Century14004
Ability Spell Support The Weak10509
Ability Spell Tbd Was Dance Of Madness11122
Ability Spell Tempest14002
Ability Spell Tremor Iii11119
Ability Spell Tremor Ii11118
Ability Spell Tremor Iv11120
Ability Spell Tremor11117
Ability Spell Walking Bomb12005
Ability Spell Wall Of Force17019
Ability Spell Wall Of Stone11002
Ability Spell Weakness11106
Ability Spell Winters Grasp13001
Ability Spell Wynne Special10510
Ability Spell Wynnes Seal Portal10704
Ability Talent Acid Spray90034
Ability Talent Aim500
Ability Talent Arrow Of Slaying802
Ability Talent Assault38
Ability Talent Aura Of Corruption90033
Ability Talent Backstab3002
Ability Talent Below The Belt3026
Ability Talent Berserk700
Ability Talent Blood Frenzy713
Ability Talent Bravery17
Ability Talent Broodmother Charge Left90075
Ability Talent Broodmother Charge Right90076
Ability Talent Broodmother Gas90085
Ability Talent Broodmother Grab Left90098
Ability Talent Broodmother Grab Right90099
Ability Talent Broodmother Left V190031
Ability Talent Broodmother Left V290069
Ability Talent Broodmother Ranged Spit12010
Ability Talent Broodmother Resistances90077
Ability Talent Broodmother Right V190032
Ability Talent Broodmother Right V290070
Ability Talent Broodmother Scream90084
Ability Talent Broodmother Sweep90071
Ability Talent Broodmother Vomit All90072
Ability Talent Broodmother Vomit Left90073
Ability Talent Broodmother Vomit Right90074
Ability Talent Captivate1000
Ability Talent Cleanse Area3017
Ability Talent Combat Movement21
Ability Talent Combat Stealth100077
Ability Talent Constraint3006
Ability Talent Cripple3069
Ability Talent Crippling Shot805
Ability Talent Critical Shot804
Ability Talent Critical Strike3
Ability Talent Cry Of Valor3045
Ability Talent Darkspawn Resistances90078
Ability Talent Deadly Strike708
Ability Talent Death Blow3021
Ability Talent Death Fury4051
Ability Talent Defensive Fire33
Ability Talent Demon Properties90081
Ability Talent Demoralize705
Ability Talent Destroyer3032
Ability Talent Devour3065
Ability Talent Dirty Fighting603
Ability Talent Disengage3016
Ability Talent Distraction701
Ability Talent Dodge21
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Cripple10
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Double Strike11
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Expert5
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Flurry3035
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Master3036
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Momentum717
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Riposte9
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Sweep3044
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Tbd8
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Training6
Ability Talent Dual Weapon Whirlwind3043
Ability Talent Dueling709
Ability Talent Evasion3069
Ability Talent Exploit Weakness56
Ability Talent Feast Of The Fallen3058
Ability Talent Feign Death3023
Ability Talent Final Blow3009
Ability Talent Frightening3066
Ability Talent Genlock Properties90079
Ability Talent Golem Kick90058
Ability Talent Golem Quake90056
Ability Talent Golem Ranged 190057
Ability Talent Golem Slam90055
Ability Talent Hidden Assassin4014
Ability Talent Hidden Berserker4016
Ability Talent Hidden Champion4013
Ability Talent Hidden Dog4034
Ability Talent Hidden Duelist4030
Ability Talent Hidden Ranger4029
Ability Talent Hidden Reaver4019
Ability Talent Hidden Rogue4020
Ability Talent Hidden Shale4033
Ability Talent Hidden Templar4021
Ability Talent Hidden Warrior4022
Ability Talent Holy Smite25
Ability Talent Hurlock Properties90080
Ability Talent Indomitable28
Ability Talent Invalid Talent0
Ability Talent Keen Defense3049
Ability Talent Lacerate3059
Ability Talent Lethality777
Ability Talent Mark Of Death3060
Ability Talent Master Archer35
Ability Talent Master Ranger92
Ability Talent Melee Archer34
Ability Talent Mighty Blow3028
Ability Talent Monster Abomination Rage90089
Ability Talent Monster Abomination Triplestrike Desire90118
Ability Talent Monster Abomination Triplestrike Hunger90116
Ability Talent Monster Abomination Triplestrike Rage90090
Ability Talent Monster Abomination Triplestrike Sloth90117
Ability Talent Monster Arcanehorror Aoe90091
Ability Talent Monster Aura Fire90151
Ability Talent Monster Aura Healing90088
Ability Talent Monster Aura Weakness90087
Ability Talent Monster Bear Hug90018
Ability Talent Monster Bear Rage90020
Ability Talent Monster Bear Slam90019
Ability Talent Monster Bronto Charge90024
Ability Talent Monster Bronto Stomp90025
Ability Talent Monster Canine Howl90067
Ability Talent Monster Dog Charge90016
Ability Talent Monster Dog Combat Training90049
Ability Talent Monster Dog Fortitude90050
Ability Talent Monster Dog Growl90017
Ability Talent Monster Dog Nemesis90051
Ability Talent Monster Dog Overwhelm90015
Ability Talent Monster Dog Shred90047
Ability Talent Monster Flanking90023
Ability Talent Monster Golem Hurl90060
Ability Talent Monster Golem Quake90056
Ability Talent Monster Golem Ranged 190057
Ability Talent Monster Golem Slam90055
Ability Talent Monster Mabari Howl90048
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Attck Back Left90063
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Attck Back Right90062
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Attck Left90065
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Attck Right90064
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Grab90036
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Ram90066
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Stomp90038
Ability Talent Monster Ogre Sweep90037
Ability Talent Monster Orb Black90044
Ability Talent Monster Paralyze90043
Ability Talent Monster Poison Bite90030
Ability Talent Monster Poison Spit90068
Ability Talent Monster Rabid90083
Ability Talent Monster Revenant Doublestrike90086
Ability Talent Monster Revenant Mass Pull90100
Ability Talent Monster Revenant Pull90092
Ability Talent Monster Shred90039
Ability Talent Monster Shriek Frenzy90128
Ability Talent Monster Shriek Leap90040
Ability Talent Monster Shriek Overwhlem90129
Ability Talent Monster Shriek Shriek90041
Ability Talent Monster Spider Web90029
Ability Talent Monster Stalker Scare90026
Ability Talent Monster Stalker Slow90028
Ability Talent Monster Stalker Spit90027
Ability Talent Monster Undead Drain90046
Ability Talent Monster Undead Spirit90042
Ability Talent Monster Wisp Attack11131
Ability Talent Motivate42
Ability Talent Nature I Courage Of The Pack1004
Ability Talent Nature Ii Hardiness Of The Bear91
Ability Talent One Mind Iii31
Ability Talent One Mind Ii30
Ability Talent One Mind Iv32
Ability Talent One Mind29
Ability Talent Overpower3073
Ability Talent Overrun3024
Ability Talent Pain3067
Ability Talent Perfect Striking20
Ability Talent Pinning Shot803
Ability Talent Pinpoint Strike3051
Ability Talent Pommel Strike3024
Ability Talent Power Slam90045
Ability Talent Powerful Swings718
Ability Talent Powerful14
Ability Talent Precise Striking19
Ability Talent Punisher7
Ability Talent Rally3038
Ability Talent Rapidshot3071
Ability Talent Resilience48
Ability Talent Resist Deception52
Ability Talent Righteous Strike23
Ability Talent Scattershot800
Ability Talent Shattering Blows3001
Ability Talent Shattering Shot3072
Ability Talent Shield Balance37
Ability Talent Shield Bash617
Ability Talent Shield Block3074
Ability Talent Shield Cover13
Ability Talent Shield Defense704
Ability Talent Shield Expertise36
Ability Talent Shield Mastery2
Ability Talent Shield Pummel1
Ability Talent Shield Tactics3030
Ability Talent Shield Wall12
Ability Talent Spider Properties90082
Ability Talent Stealth100075
Ability Talent Strong27
Ability Talent Stunning Blows3000
Ability Talent Summon Spider93
Ability Talent Sunder Armor4
Ability Talent Sunder Weapon3025
Ability Talent Superiority3039
Ability Talent Suppressing Fire801
Ability Talent Taunt3041
Ability Talent Threaten808
Ability Talent Training Demonic Combat3078
Ability Talent Training Humanoid Combat3077
Ability Talent Training Simple Combat3076
Ability Talent Upset Balance3050
Ability Talent War Cry3037
Ability Talent Weapon Sweep3031
Ability Trait Clumsy150003
Ability Trait Cold Immunity150011
Ability Trait Cold Vulnerability150012
Ability Trait Critical Hit Immunity150007
Ability Trait Demonic Caster150008
Ability Trait Explosive150009
Ability Trait Fire Immunity150010
Ability Trait Fire Vulnerability150013
Ability Trait Fragile150001
Ability Trait Ghost150004
Ability Trait High Morale150005
Ability Trait Lightning Immunity150016
Ability Trait Low Morale150006
Ability Trait Nature Immunity150014
Ability Trait Senile150002
Ability Trait Spirit Immunity150015
Ability Trait Sturdy90300
Ability Trait Weakly150000
Archdemon Corruption Blast90172
Archdemon Detonate Darkspawn90002
Archdemon Smite90001
Archdemon Vortex90000
Item Ability Healing Salve 1200010
Item Ability Healing Salve 2200011
Item Ability Healing Salve 3200012
Item Ability Healing Salve 4200013
Item Ability Healing Salve200001
Item Ability Kolgrims Horn200262
Item Ability Unique Power Unlimited Use200203
Monster Arcane Horror Buff90171
Monster Ashwraith Leap90135
Monster Ashwraith Slam90136
Monster Ashwraith Whirlwind90134
Monster Bear Overwhelm90130
Monster Dragon Breath90094
Monster Dragon Overwhelm90132
Monster Dragon Rake90143
Monster Dragon Roar90144
Monster Dragon Shred90142
Monster Dragon Tail Slap90140
Monster Dragon Wing Buffet90141
Monster Dragonling Breath90145
Monster High Dragon Breath10005
Monster High Dragon Fire Spit90168
Monster High Dragon Grab Left90169
Monster High Dragon Grab Right90170
Monster High Dragon Roar90164
Monster High Dragon Stomp90167
Monster High Dragon Sweep90166
Monster High Dragon Tail Flap90165
Monster High Dragon Wing Buffet90163
Monster Large Attck Back Left290157
Monster Large Attck Back Left390158
Monster Large Attck Back Left90063
Monster Large Attck Back Right290155
Monster Large Attck Back Right390156
Monster Large Attck Back Right90062
Monster Large Attck Left290161
Monster Large Attck Left390162
Monster Large Attck Left90065
Monster Large Attck Right290159
Monster Large Attck Right390160
Monster Large Attck Right90064
Monster Pride Demon Fire Blast90146
Monster Pride Demon Fire Bolt90149
Monster Pride Demon Frost Blast90147
Monster Pride Demon Frost Bolt90150
Monster Pride Demon Mana Wave90148
Monster Rage Demon Fire Bolt90152
Monster Rage Demon Lava Burst90153
Monster Rage Demon Slam90154
Monster Spider Overwhelm90133
Monster Stalker Overwhlem90131
Monster Succubus Dance90137
Monster Succubus Scream90138
Monster Talent Monster Corruption Burst90127
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Attk Bl90111
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Attk Br90122
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Attk Fl90123
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Attk Fr90124
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Rage90120
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Roots12007
Monster Talent Wild Sylvan Stomp90119

Apereance numbers

The following list contains all know appearances.

Appearance Numbers
Blank Model1
Dragon Normal4
Golem Shale5
Golem Stone6
Golem Steel7
Bear Great8
Bear Black9
Arcane Horror12
Hurlock Normal16
Hurlock Alpha17
Hurlock Emissary18
Werewolf A22
Shriek A23
Revenant A26
Rage Demon27
Corpse D28
Corpse E29
Corpse S30
Ash Wraith32
Dog Mabari34
Dog Party Member35
Rat Large37
Human Boy38
Human Servant Ambient39
Human Library Ambient40
Rat Small41
Human Guard Ambient42
Human Noble Ambient43
Human Male Fat44
Human Female Fat45
App Npc Duncan46
App Ogre A47
Genlock Normal50
Genlock Alpha51
Genlock Emissary52
Ambient Goat54
Ambient Mutt55
Spider Corrupted57
Spider Giant58
Spider Poisonous59
Human Dying Ambient60
Human Prelude Wizard61
Wild Sylvan65
Dragon High66
Bear Beareskan68
Skeleton A69
Skeleton F70
Skeleton S71
Pride Demon72
Broodmother Tentacle73
Wolf Blight74
Lady Of The Forest75
Dragon Drake80
Spirit Apparatus Head81
Archdemon Wounded82
Grand Oak88


Gold Ringgen_im_acc_rng_gld.uti
Silver Ringgen_im_acc_rng_r02.uti
Emerald Ringgen_im_acc_rng_r03.uti
Iron Ringgen_im_acc_rng_r14.uti
Dalish Bootsgen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mail Bootsgen_im_arm_bot_med_spl.uti
Dalish Armorgen_im_arm_cht_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mailgen_im_arm_cht_med_spl.uti
Dalish Glovesgen_im_arm_glv_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mail Glovesgen_im_arm_glv_med_spl.uti
Leather Helmgen_im_arm_hel_lgt_ltr.uti
Clan Shieldgen_im_arm_shd_sml_cln.uti
Glamour Charmgen_im_cft_reg_charm.uti
Fire Crystalgen_im_cft_reg_firecrystal.uti
Frozen Lightninggen_im_cft_reg_lightning.uti
Deep Mushroomgen_im_cft_reg_mushroom.uti
Spirit Shardgen_im_cft_reg_spiritshard.uti
Creature Venomgen_im_cft_reg_venom.uti
Lesser Healing Poulticegen_im_qck_health_101.uti
Health Poulticegen_im_qck_health_201.uti
Greater Health Poulticegen_im_qck_health_301.uti
Potent Health Poulticegen_im_qck_health_401.uti
Apothecary Kitgen_im_qck_injury_101.uti
Physician Kitgen_im_qck_injury_201.uti
Field Triage Kitgen_im_qck_injury_301.uti
Incense of Awarenessgen_im_qck_misc_102.uti
Swift Salvegen_im_qck_misc_201.uti
Lesser Ice Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_101.uti
Lesser Warmth Balmgen_im_qck_resistance_102.uti
Lesser Elixir of Groundinggen_im_qck_resistance_103.uti
Lesser Nature Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_104.uti
Lesser Spirit Balmgen_im_qck_resistance_105.uti
Greater Ice Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_301.uti
Greater Warmth Balmgen_im_qck_resistance_302.uti
Greater Elixir of Groundinggen_im_qck_resistance_303.uti
Greater Nature Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_304.uti
Greater Spirit Balmgen_im_qck_resistance_305.uti
Blank Vellumgen_im_trash_blank.uti
Private Documentsgen_im_trash_private.uti
Trade Manifestgen_im_trash_trade.uti
Engraved Silver Bowlgen_im_treas_engsilvbwl.uti
Fancy Vasegen_im_treas_fancyvase.uti
Silk Carpetgen_im_treas_silkcarp.uti
Silver Chalicegen_im_treas_silvchal.uti
Expert Paralyze Runegen_im_upg_cry_exp_par.uti
Journeyman Paralyze Runegen_im_upg_cry_jny_par.uti
Novice Paralyze Runegen_im_upg_cry_nov_par.uti
Expert Cold Iron Runegen_im_upg_run_exp_cir.uti
Expert Slow Runegen_im_upg_run_exp_slw.uti
Journeyman Cold Iron Runegen_im_upg_run_jny_cir.uti
Journeyman Slow Runegen_im_upg_run_jny_slw.uti
Novice Cold Iron Runegen_im_upg_run_nov_cir.uti
Novice Slow Runegen_im_upg_run_nov_slw.uti
Ash Axegen_im_wep_mel_axe_ash.uti
Elf-Flight Arrowgen_im_wep_rng_amm_elf.uti
Fire Arrowgen_im_wep_rng_amm_far.uti
Ice Arrowgen_im_wep_rng_amm_iar.uti
Dalish Longbowgen_im_wep_rng_lbw_dal.uti
Scout's Bowgen_im_wep_rng_sbw_sct.uti

Lyrium Dust gen_im_cft_reg_lyriumdust.uti Lesser Lyrium Potion gen_im_qck_mana_101.uti